1 Pot 2 Cups 1 Sugar Pot Suits Classical Cartoon Beauty And The Beast Mrs Potts 18K Goldplated Mug Coffeware Sets fast shipping in Coffeeware Sets from Home Garden

1 Pot 2 Cups 1 Sugar Pot Suits Classical Cartoon Beauty And The Beast Mrs Potts 18K Goldplated Mug Coffeware Sets fast shipping in Coffeeware Sets from Home Garden
1 Pot 2 Cups 1 Sugar Pot Suits Classical Cartoon Beauty And The Beast Mrs Potts 18K Goldplated Mug Coffeware Sets fast shipping in Coffeeware Sets from Home Garden
1 Pot 2 Cups 1 Sugar Pot Suits Classical Cartoon Beauty And The Beast Mrs Potts 18K Goldplated Mug Coffeware Sets fast shipping in Coffeeware Sets from Home Garden
1 Pot 2 Cups 1 Sugar Pot Suits Classical Cartoon Beauty And The Beast Mrs Potts 18K Goldplated Mug Coffeware Sets fast shipping in Coffeeware Sets from Home Garden

Product Specification

Brand Name: XINCI

Kit Type: Four-piece Set

Model Number: Beauty And The Beast - 4

Material: Ceramic

Top-Grade And High Quality
Enjoy drinks with good looking Coffeware Sets.
Also can be a great gift.
Material: Ceramics(China)
Color: as picture show.
Height of Mrs. potts: Approx 14cm
Height of Chip: Approx 7cm
Capacity  : Mrs Potts Teapot: 500ml.
                  Chip Cup: 55ml.
                  Sugar pot:About 120ml
The color on picture is slightly dark milky white, occasional tiny bubbles and other minor flaws (small probability of occurrence), the base manual color slightly uneven
Reason for light, photos and the kind there may be color, please prevail in kind.
Cup high: 14cm, diameter: 17.5cm, caliber: 7cm, cup high: 6.3cm, caliber: 6.5cm
Package includes: 1 Pot + 2 Cups + 1 Sugar Bowl.
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