4 8 10 way PLC high power output board original drive tube high frequency high speed optocoupler isolation in Relays from Home Improvement

4 8 10 way PLC high power output board original drive tube high frequency high speed optocoupler isolation in Relays from Home Improvement
4 8 10 way PLC high power output board original drive tube high frequency high speed optocoupler isolation in Relays from Home Improvement
4 8 10 way PLC high power output board original drive tube high frequency high speed optocoupler isolation in Relays from Home Improvement
4 8 10 way PLC high power output board original drive tube high frequency high speed optocoupler isolation in Relays from Home Improvement
4 8 10 way PLC high power output board original drive tube high frequency high speed optocoupler isolation in Relays from Home Improvement

Product Specification

Contact Load: High Power

Model Number: QJ-4/8/10JG-DC-DZO

Usage: General Purpose

is_customized: Yes

Power Source: DC

Theory: Other

Protect Feature: Other

4, 8, 10-way PLC high power output board, original drive tube high frequency high speed optocoupler isolation
Name: 4, 8, 10-way PLC high power output board
Model: QJ-4/8/10JG-DC-DZO
Contact form: 1NO+NC
Input drive minimum current: >15mA
Switching frequency >50K
Control unit: IR2807
Service life: >100000000
Driving load: 10A for a long time (instantaneous 30A)
Can be customized: can be customized
Storage environment: -40~100 degrees Celsius
Working temperature: -20~70 degrees Celsius
Installation method: rail mounting
Size: 106*87*65mm (4-way)/134*87*65mm (8-way)/232*87*65mm (10-way)

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